Roger Miller


Roger MillerRoger Miller is the CEO and CIO of Alchemy Copyrights and the Bicycle Music Company.  He has nineteen years of experience in valuing, acquiring and managing music-related intellectual property. Since 2006, Roger and his partners at Alchemy have sourced and acquired over $250MM in music copyrights, master recording rights, theatrical grand rights, and name, likeness, image and life rights, connected to such renowned artists as Billie Holiday, Nine Inch Nails, Pete Seeger, Cyndi Lauper, Young MC., The Fixx, Tammy Wynette ,Third Eye Blind, The Skyliners, Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin and AFI.

Previously, he was Assistant Vice President, Performing Rights at BMI, the world’s largest performing rights society, where he managed the company’s international royalty distributions, co-managed its domestic distributions ($800MM annually), and managed the international administration of the company’s seven million-work music catalog.  Roger worked closely with the company’s most high profile clients, signed numerous acclaimed songwriters and composers, and was responsible for the acquisition and retention of the company’s most important “high net worth” music catalogs. Here’s the rule about how to figure out write my paper whether to write that, for example, during your last golf game, you shot two hole-in-ones or two holes-in-one

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